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What to eat after your workout and when

What to eat after your workout and when

So, you completed your workout. Bravo!

You woke up early, didn’t hit the snooze button on your alarm, somehow managed to get both of your shoes on and drive to the gym all before 7 a.m. Congratulations! Job well done.

But wait, once your workout is complete and you’re ready to tackle the day, there’s something you need to do first…refuel!

After your sweat session has ended, your body is in full-on repair mode. Meaning, 30-60 minutes after your workout is complete, it’s time to EAT.

If your workout was a pretty taxing one, you should aim to grab a bite as soon as you can.

This is particularly important because, for the duration of your workout, your muscles, joints and bones are stressed so your body consumes nutrients like a car uses gasoline. That means consuming a post-workout snack or meal is key to repairing, refueling and healing your body.

In addition, eating something after your workout is key to properly recovering for your next scheduled workout. If you don’t recover and refuel now, you’ll be weaker and more injury prone when your next workout rolls around. Not cool.

It’s common to rush toward the protein bars and shakes post-workout because protein is an essential building block for muscle. However, just so you know…there are other options!

If you are stuck scouring your brain trying to decide what to eat after your workout, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a couple of things you can feel comfortable reaching for after your workout:

  1. A smoothie that contains protein, leafy greens like spinach or kale, nut butter or protein powder of your choice, and fruit (Like for instance…a RiPT smoothie?).
  2. An omelet that contains vegetables, avocado or black beans.
  3. Quinoa salad.
  4. Greek yogurt topped with berries, nuts or cereal.
  5. Sandwich wraps with turkey, chicken or hummus.
  6. Fruit salad.
  7. High protein, high fiber wholegrain cereal with milk or yogurt.

These are just a few options for you to consider!

Eating nutrient dense foods can help you get the most out of all your hard work and eating a balanced, clean diet keeps you performing at your best.

Oh, and don’t forget to rehydrate and drink water once your workout is complete!

Here’s to refueling with a RiPT smoothie…cheers!

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