7 Inspirational Tips and Tricks to Guarantee Your Workout Gets Checked Off of Your To-Do List - Personal Training & Online Fitness
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7 Inspirational Tips and Tricks to Guarantee Your Workout Gets Checked Off of Your To-Do List

7 Inspirational Tips and Tricks to Guarantee Your Workout Gets Checked Off of Your To-Do List

When you’re having a hard time completing your workouts, lack of motivation could be to blame. Check out these simple tips and tricks that will have you itching to get your next workout in and back on your game in no time!

1. Get your workout gear before it’s time to go!

Getting dressed and ready to go ahead of time will make it much more likely you’ll get your workout in. Why? Because taking off your workout clothes will probably make you feel like a total slacker. So, pull those sneakers on and get out the door! You can do this!

2. Log how you feel once your sweat session is complete.

Go out and get yourself a notebook dedicated to that post-workout endorphin rush. That way, you can write down how you feel after each and every workout. On days when you don’t feel like working out, you can easily reflect on past workouts and how good you felt! There you have it — instant personal motivation! If you use a HR tracking system for your workouts, you can log in and track it on your online profile.

3. Sign up for a group fitness class, like say…RiPT.

We all know finding motivation to workout can be hard sometimes. But when you are surrounded by other people and an awesome instructor, that motivation can kick into high gear. Going to group classes could quite possibly leave you looking forward to your next workout and the one after that. If you are used to working out solo, maybe this is exactly what you need to revamp your boring routine. Plus, you will be less likely to slack or skip the workout when other people are there to hold you accountable! And, you might even make some new friends!

4. Find little things throughout the day to motivate you.

Whether it is a Post-It note with a quote or saying on the fridge, an Instagram post that puts you in a positive state of mind or that woman running with her baby stroller in your neighborhood…keep those things close by when you need that extra push to get your sweat on. It’s the little things in life, right?

5. Set short term goals for yourself.

Small or short-term goals are generally obtainable relatively quickly. Whether it’s increasing how long you can run continuously from one minute to five, or getting two sets of push-ups in back to back, setting and achieving smaller goals can really make you feel good! Have faith in progress!

6. Set long term goals as well.

Whether it’s fitting into that old pair of skinny jeans, running your first 5K, or looking good at your class reunion, having long term goals can keep you motivated and happy to continue on your fitness journey.

7. Find WHO or WHAT inspires you.

Finding something or someone that inspires you can be the ticket to continuing down the war path we know as working out. You might be inspired by an Olympic athlete or maybe it’s the woman next door who is a cancer survivor. Or maybe, you find motivation in the thought of completing your very first Color Run or losing that last five pounds. Whatever it is, find it, hold onto it and keep grinding!

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