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Why RiPT Uses Woodway Curve Treadmills

Why RiPT Uses Woodway Curve Treadmills

Whether you have been given a tour of the RiPT room or you’ve already participated in a RiPT class, you may have noticed something slightly different about our treadmills. RiPT’s treadmills, Woodway Curve Treadmills, have a slight curve to them, have a belt composed of a series of planks rather than a smooth surface and as you may have noticed, they have no “on” or “off” button. That’s because you manually power the treadmill…YOU ARE THE MOTOR! Because you are powering the treadmill, you control the speed and the pace rather than the treadmill doing that for you. Since you’re doing the work, you are able to burn up to 30 percent more calories compared to when running on a traditional treadmill.

The Curve is ideal for high intensity interval training and speed work, which RiPT Fitness takes full advantage of in a variety of workouts.

Interestingly enough, the Curve is also environmentally friendly and does not use electricity. It runs solely off of your willpower and minimal battery power.

Another unique feature of the Curve is that it has no maximum speed. Whereas traditional treadmills usually have a cut-off around 11 or 12 mph, the Curve just keeps going and going, so you can run as fast as you can!

The Curve is also much easier on your joints. We all know running in general can be especially hard on the body, but the Curve is specially designed to be easier on your bones, joints and muscles with the help of a belt composed of 1/4 inch-thick shock absorbing rubber slats.

The Curve’s design also helps improve and correct your running form and ensures you have a more efficient stride. When you use the Curve consistently, you are able to develop a proper movement pattern and muscle memory which improves your running form outside of the RiPT room. If you over-stride, the Curve will not move and it does not allow for an exaggerated lean forwards or backwards while in motion.

Essentially, the Curve helps you improve your overall running form, helps you improve your fitness, ensures you get a challenging workout and allows you to maximize your calorie burn, all during a RiPT workout session. What could be better than that?

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