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What is a Ski-Erg and Why Should I Use It?

What is a Ski-Erg and Why Should I Use It?

For those of you who first laid eyes on this fantastic machine at RiPT Fitness and had the opportunity to use it, there’s probably a few things you don’t know about the SkiErg. It might even be safe to say you know very little about this machine other than how to use it (kind of).

For instance, did you know that the SkiErg was made to mimic actual skiiing? It’s true. This full-body impact free workout helps you reap the benefits you would get from actually hitting the slopes without the snow and cold. Pretty inventive, huh?

SkiErgs are also great for athletes or clients with lower body injuries because it doesn’t require you to do any high impact activity.

RiPT utilizes the SkiErg because it is a wonderfully challenging training tool. It allows clients to get a cardiovascular workout that isn’t lower-body based. As most of you already know, most cardiovascular workouts that burn major calories involve the lower body.

The SkiErg is able to help our clients build strength and endurance during our high intensity workouts while working each client’s entire body and engaging a ton of muscle groups at once. When a client uses the SkiErg during a workout, the lower back, lats, triceps, abs, pecs, biceps, quads, hamstrings and other muscle groups are targeted and worked.

The SkiErg also allows clients to burn major calories in a short amount of time, much like the rest of our high intensity 45-minute workout.

And get this, each client has the ability to control the resistance depending on how hard the cables are pulled. The harder the cables are pulled, the faster the flywheel spins, creating more resistance and a terrific workout.

After that explanation, it’s pretty easy to see why RiPT Fitness incorporates the use of the SkiErg into almost every workout. Our clients will surely thank us later!

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