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The Self-Defeating Cycle

The Self-Defeating Cycle

The Self-Defeating Cycle🤦‍♂️(I’ll Bet You Can Relate)

Click here to watch the full podcast

We’ve made many posts on this in the past…but it’s such an interesting and important topic, we did a podcast discussion on this. 

As people, we tend to go in cycles with our fitness and/or weight loss goals. Let me know if this rings a bell…🔔

⚡Positive Trigger: Maybe it’s a New Year’s Resolution to “Get After It” and make it “Your Year”

⛔Negative Trigger: Something happens… You feel overwhelmed, tired, and ultimately you say “Screw It”

⏩Fast-forward a few months – You’re kicking yourself for not sticking to your health goals and Summer is coming (which means hot weather and less clothes).

⚡Positive Trigger: Maybe kids are back in school (kind of feels like a new year again)…and you feel it’s time to REALLY get after it. You do well for a solid 3 months…staying consistent and making progress.

⛔Negative Trigger: Most of the time, this happens around the holiday season. You feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and defeated. You fall off a bit…you haven’t made the progress you were looking for but hey…the New Year is coming!

New Year hits…same as last year…you’re invigorated but it’s cold, nasty weather, and you don’t want to do anything.

…You know the rest

Click here to watch the full podcast

Don’t let this happen to YOU!

Mid-February is when MOST people hit that 1st Negative Trigger or Obstacle!!! Don’t let it derail you…you will regret it later.

“It’s not that easy Dustin” – says the nearest “Boo-Bird”…(a bird that never takes action but just flies around and 💩 all over things)


✅Yes it is that easy…

✅Tell yourself you’re worth it

✅Find a coach

✅Develop the plan


✅Refine said plan (no plan is perfect…but quitting is not an option)

Click here to watch the full podcast

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