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Should you eat prior to your workout?

Should you eat prior to your workout?

I’ve overheard clients asking trainers this question countless times. This question in particular tends to pop up after a client’s workout doesn’t go as planned because they lacked energy and forgot to eat something beforehand. So, the simple answer is yes, you should definitely eat something before a RiPT class or an intense workout.

The body needs fuel, we all know that. Now think about this, if you work all day and sign up for a RiPT class at 5:30 p.m. and the last thing you ate was a skimpy salad for lunch around noon and you don’t plan on fueling up before your RiPT class… well, that’s a bad idea. Not only will you feel sluggish, you won’t have the energy you need to complete your workout. If you don’t fuel properly before a workout, don’t plan on nailing your workout because the reality is you will probably do the exact opposite. You might feel ready to kick some butt at the beginning but believe me, you’ll feel tired and unable to give the workout your all by the end. Let’s be honest, no one wants to have a subpar workout.

So, the simple solution is to consume something at least 45 minutes before your workout, whether it be an apple with peanut butter or greek yogurt with fruit or a banana.
Ideally, reach for a snack that contains carbohydrates and protein. Whatever works for you that is small, simple and satisfying is best. Emphasis on the SMALL. You don’t want to be sprinting on the treadmill with a full meal in your belly. You’ll probably cramp up or get sick to your stomach. Yuck.

Note that the less time you have before your workout to eat, the less you should consume. Digestion is a process after all.

Finally, take into account how intense your workout is going to be. The more intense your workout, the more fuel you will need. If you are just going to take Fido for a quick walk, you definitely don’t need a pre-workout snack. If you are going to go for an hour long run or pop into a RiPT class, then you should definitely fuel up and have a snack beforehand. Just try to assess how intense your workout will be and how much fuel you actually need to consume to get through your planned workout. It will be a learning process for you. Now, the next time you get a hunger pang before a workout, you know what to do.

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