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“No Time to Train”

“No Time to Train”

Is a Healthy Body Worth 1.5% of Your Weekly Time?⌛

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In other words…are you willing to invest 1.5% of your time and get your health and wellness back?

✅Get off meds

🔥Drop that unwanted belly fat

💪Build lean muscle

😊Have more energy

😏Be healthier


If you’re like most people, then you probably said “Yes”…But, unfortunately, most people also say…


“I Don’t Have Time to Workout!”😭


Bottom Line Up Front: If You’re Not Making the Time Now, You’re Cutting Valuable Years Off Your Life — Truth 💣


Most people find themselves with the best of intentions to:

✅Get Healthier

✅Be More Active

✅Tone Up & Lean Out


But…then Life Happens


And the Myriad of Mental Roadblocks (Excuses) Begin to Pour On:

😫Kids are running me ragged

🖨️ have to work

🪑I sit all day

😴I’m too tired

…and the list goes on, but you get the point


In the end, it all boils down to 1 thing…Please HEAR ME when you read this lol:

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You only need 30-45 minutes, 2-4x/week…


That’s 1.5-2.5 hrs per week☝️…Guess what…You have 168 hours in the week total! Ask yourself this question…


Can you commit to 1.5% of your weekly time to make yourself better❓


⭕ If your answer is “NO”…then you have some beliefs to break and some priorities to shift around.🤦‍♂️


✅ If your answer is “YES” (and it should be)…but don’t know how to take action, then simply click the picture to watch this Podcast and take some tips and tricks home with you✨


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Click here to watch the full podcast

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