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Five Benefits You Reap From Exercise Besides Weight loss

Five Benefits You Reap From Exercise Besides Weight loss

We all know exercise can help us keep our waistlines trimmer and even drop a few pounds, but what about the host of other health benefits exercise has to offer?

1. Helps those battling depression.

Exercise releases endorphins — endorphins make you feel good. I’m sure many of you have heard of “runner’s high” before or maybe you’ve felt incredible after a RiPT workout? Endorphins are wonderful for your health because they improve your mood, minimize your pain and make you happier. All good things, right?

2. Helps prevent osteoporosis.

Women are especially susceptible to osteoporosis as they age and exercise is a great way to combat it. The impact of exercise helps stimulate cells in your bones to construct new bone growth. This stimulation of bone growth can help remedy and prevent thinning bones as we age. Engaging in higher impact activities is a great way to stimulate bone growth and help maintain bone density; think running, jogging, hiking, etc.

3. Can aid in the battle against diabetes.

With so many Americans suffering from diabetes in this day and age, a combination of diet and exercise can play a big roll in battling this increasingly common disease. A healthy diet and regular exercise routine can help those suffering diabetes by fighting insulin (insulin helps regulate the amount of glucose in your blood) resistance and encouraging insulin sensitivity.

4. Staying active can help decrease your chances of Parkinson’s Disease.

It’s true, exercise can help keep Parkinson’s Disease at bay because it leads to an increase in the production of dopamine, a chemical released by your brain that helps regulate emotion and movement. Increased levels of dopamine are released when you exercise. Those who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease lack dopamine production in the brain.

5. Exercise boosts your confidence.

We know exercise makes you feel better and look better but exercising regularly can also grant you a greater sense of accomplishment. Accomplishment and confidence go hand in hand and can lead to a more positive outlook in just about every asset of your life, from personal relationships to your performance at work.

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